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A powerful, simple and flexible human resource management solution - Enterprise Management HR

Looking for more efficiency and cost control when it comes to managing your people?

A common problem in mid-sized businesses like yours is that Human Resource departments spend too much time on administrative tasks and managing compliance at the expense of supporting managers to develop employee potential. Outdated HR systems with loose or no integration with accounting and ERP systems add to the complexity of managing human capital in mid-sized enterprises and create inefficiencies across the organization. Lack of visibility into employee productivity and cost leads to misestimating workforce costs, and this eventually erodes profits and competitiveness in your organization.

Ways to grow with Enterprise Management HR

  • Efficiency and cost control
  • Engage your employees
  • Gain compliance and visibility
  • Serve your mobile workforce

“Sage is an extensive, future-proof solution and a perfect match for our specific requirements. We process close to 10,000 payslips every month, and this application will help improve our efficiency.”

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